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Print Studio Label Maker 2E

Print Studio Label Maker 2E: Print address, shipping, mailing, barcode label with this label maker Maker can print labels, barcodes, photo ID cards, and more. Print Studio Label Maker provides a wide variety of powerful, yet easy to use tools such as shapes, gradient, artistic text, layers and blending, watermark effect, and more. Print Studio Label Maker includes more than 2500 predefined templates for industry standard labels including templates for CD/DVD, badges and most Avery products. Print Studio Label Maker also supports 15 industry standard

Electronic Parts Catalog EPC 5 Components Engine, the leading software for Electronic Parts Catalog (EPC).
Electronic Parts Catalog EPC 5

catalogs (or EPC: Electronic Parts Catalog) directly onto the worldwide web, viewing such as posted catalogs is called "online browsing". The creation of the pages and files, which will then be hosted by the server for publication, is fully automatic. A simple browser (such as Internet Explorer) will allow you to browse the online catalogs created by Components Engine, without any need to install any extra plug-ins. The on-line spare parts catalog

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Ant Movie Catalog Viewer 1.6: Viewer for movie catalog files (*.amc files) created by Ant Movie Catalog.
Ant Movie Catalog Viewer 1.6

catalog files (*.amc files) created by Ant Movie Catalog, a scriptable movie collection manager freely available at It has a configurable sleek user interface and is suitable for stand-alone catalog kiosque that only need to open the file read-only. Current features: - Sleek, flat and configurable user interface. - It reads the catalog file as read-only, so your catalog file is safe. - It has password protected mode, that disallows

viewer, movie, catalog

Adorage for Movie Maker 1: Great Plug-in with 118 effects that are immediately usable in Movie Maker 2 !
Adorage for Movie Maker 1

Adorage for Movie Maker is the ultimate enhancement for Movie Maker! It contains 118 videoeffects for results like transitions or decorative frames, offering new possibilities in Movie Maker. Just select an effect - that´s it. Adorage works as plugin direct in Movie Maker. 3D-objects and photo-realistic motifs offer professional results for projects like wedding videosfilmers, holiday moviesfilmer, documentariesy producers...

plugin, transition, movie maker, effect

Software Catalog 2.5.1: Software Catalog helps you to manage your computer applications and versions.
Software Catalog 2.5.1

Catalog stores version information, registration information, purchasing information, and web site information for each software package. One click of a button launches a browser window to the upgrade web page for the application, including auto-filling of the user name and password for sites that require a login. Software Catalog doubles as a web login catalog that stores web sites, user names, and passwords. Save time when securely accessing all

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Advanced WMA Catalog 1.05xp: Fast and easy-to-use utility to catalog all kind of WMA media
Advanced WMA Catalog 1.05xp

Advanced WMA Catalog is the easy-to-use tool for Windows 95/98/NT/2000 with Explorer-like interface which allows you catalog the drives with WMA files: CD-ROMs, hard drives (including network drives), optical disks, ZIP and JAZ disks and other media with WMA files. The catalog file generated by Advanced WMA Catalog Pro is very compact. The program has the multilingual user interface.

organize, explorer, disk, media, windows, catalog, catalogue, playlist

Smart CD Catalog Professional 3: View the contents of your discs without inserting them into the drive!
Smart CD Catalog Professional 3

Still having troubles organizing your discs? Smart CD Catalog will help you organize your personal database with all your discs in it, saving time and effort and solving the problem of organizing your discs! Smart CD Catalog offers powerful search features. With Smart CD Catalog, you can quickly and easily find the necessary disc, folder or file and view the contents of your discs without inserting them into the CD drive!

cataloger, search, organise, disk, statistics, photo, catalog, document, file, collection, find, folder, cataloguer

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